Prof. Pascual presented a poster during the UN/Japan Nano-satellite Symposium in Nagoya, Japan

Prof. Carlos Pascual, the Director of the Kush Institute for Space Technology at FU Sudan presented a poster entitled Strengthening Space Technology Applications Future University Sudan and attended the 4th UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium in Nagoya, Japan on 10-13 October 2012. Such symposium was jointly sponsored by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Agency (UN-OOSA) and the University of Tokyo (UT). The symposium was attended by about 200 scientists/engineers, researchers, academicians, and undergraduate/postgraduate students coming from twenty countries. A full paper of the poster prepared jointly by Prof. Pascual and Dr. Ashraf Abdalla was submitted for publication by UN-OOSA and UT, Japan. The participation of Prof. Pascual was sponsored by UN-OOSA, Government of Japan and FU Sudan. The symposium highlighted the next generation of small satellites (cube, nano-sat and pico-satellites), future trainings, mission idea contests, and R&D applications, where FU Sudan can participate in academic, R&D and training on space science and technology in the future. At the end of the symposium, a basic space science and technology curriculum framework coordinated by UN-OOSA was discussed, where FU Sudan through Prof Pascual was invited as member of the curriculum committee until 2015.

Prof. Pascual personally discussed with Prof. Shinichi Nakasuka of UT, Japan for future collaboration and participation on mission idea contests of faculty and students of FU Sudan, training on Can Satellites, among other academic and R&D applications of small satellites. Likewise, Prof. Pascual also requested Mr. Werner Balogh, Program Officer of the Basic Space Technology of UN-OOSA, Vienna, for including FU Sudan as collaborators in crafting and offering Basic Space Curriculum for postgraduate students.

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Poster Sessions of about 67 posters during the UN/Japan Nano-Satellite Symposium in Nagoya,
Japan on 10-13 October 2012.