Prof. Carlos Pascual, the Director of the Kush Institute for Space Technology and the Dean of the Faculty of Geoinformatics at FU Sudan presented a poster entitled Potential Applications of Radar Altimetry on Water Resources Management in the Nile River of Sudan and attended the 20 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry Symposium held at Venice, Italy on 24-27 September 2012.

Such symposium was held every 3 years as a continuing effort on the exhibition of the application of radar altimetry and future developments, as well as the applications of satellite remote sensing, modeling, calibration/validation of radar altimetry data, and GIS for the environment. The symposium was attended by about 1500 scientists/engineers, researchers, academicians, and planners coming from ESA, NASA/JPL, CNES, ESA-ESRIN, EUMETSAT, universities, research institutions, and space operational agencies worldwide. Prof. Pascual also submitted a full paper of his poster for publication by ESA and CNES, France. The participation of Prof. Pascual was sponsored by European Space Agency- European Space Research Institute and the Centre National d’ Etudes Spatiales, France (his sponsor during his previous postgraduate studies in remote sensing at ARRSTC-now Geoinformatics Center at AIT, Thailand in 1985) and FU Sudan. The symposium also highlighted the next generation of radar altimetry missions, education/trainings on new radar altimetry data sets, images, software, and R&D implementations until 2020 and beyond, where FU Sudan can participate in academic, R&D and training on remote sensing. At the end of the symposium, a manifesto was approved to continue working together to promote radar altimetry products on free access, sharing expertise, publications, conferences/meetings/trainings/workshops, and knowledge and information dissemination of satellite data products gathered from previous and new satellite missions.

Prof. Pascual also visited Prof. Enrico Fontanari, Pro-Vice Chancellor for International Affairs of IUAV, Italy on 28-29 September 201 to discuss some administrative matters and confirm the operationalize the previous MoU between FU Sudan and IUAV on Faculty of Geoinformatics and Faculty of Architecture. These include among others visiting professors of IUAV for curricula enhancement and training of advanced GIS and remote sensing applications at FU Sudan. Prof. Pascual also met Prof. Domenico Patassini, Markus Herdorfer (HESC Consulting) and faculty staff of spatial planning, Cartography and GIS/RS Laboratory to explore academic and training courses at FU Sudan next year.

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Poster Sessions of about 300 posters during the Radar Altimetry Symposium at Venice, Italy on
24-27 September 2012

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Learning visit at Spatial Planning and Cartography and GIS/RS Laboratory at IUAV, Italy on 28-
29 September 2012.